The Art

Echoes of Fear


Echoes of fear emerges as a vivid exploration of the psychological landscape, where the fantastical and the surreal converge to illuminate the hidden recesses of the mind. Through abstract motifs and surrealist imagery, the artist delves into the depths of consciousness, offering glimpses into the fragmented realities of Wonderland. Each canvas becomes a canvas for exploring the nuances of psychological phenomena, from dissociation to identity transformation, inviting viewers to confront the myriad facets of their own psyche.


Immersed in a meticulous fusion of acrylic ink, liquid glass, and pastel oil, the artist crafts a technique that mesmerizes and evokes. With each deliberate stroke, they breathe life into vivid scenes and intricate details, conjuring phantasmagorical landscapes and enigmatic characters from Wonderland. The application of pastel oil lends surreal depth to the artwork, while the strategic use of liquid glass infuses a dreamlike quality, blurring the boundaries between reality and imagination.



In "Feelings," raw vulnerability meets unbridled passion as the artist fearlessly explores the depths of her emotional landscape. Each artwork becomes a window into the artist's soul, offering glimpses of both her personal struggles and universal truths. Through the medium of paint, she communicates not only her own inner turmoil but also resonates with the shared human condition.

Picture The Pain


Under the precise guidance of Katerina's skilled hand, acrylic ink and liquid glass converge to craft an experience that ensnares the senses and immerses viewers in the emotional tableau of each painting. Each stroke of the brush is a deliberate act, as Katerina skillfully intertwines colors and textures to compose a visual masterpiece that pulses with depth and emotion. The addition of liquid glass bestows upon the surface a radiant luminosity, enriching the palette and infusing the artwork with a compelling charm that holds the observer spellbound.



Dreams serves as a testament to the artist's deep reverence for the natural world and their profound connection to the elements. Through the fluidity of round lines and the dynamic interplay of color, each painting becomes a reflection of the ever-changing tides and the eternal dance of life. The inclusion of the feminine form adds a sense of grace and harmony, infusing the artwork with a sense of timeless beauty and serenity.

Picture The Ocean Of Dreams


Guided by an intricate mastery of acrylic ink, liquid glass, and pastel oil, the artist employs a technique that is both intricate and emotive. The application of pastel oil adds a velvety richness to the hues, infusing the paintings with a depth and luminosity that mesmerizes the senses. Meanwhile, the judicious use of liquid glass imparts a captivating sheen to the surface, further enhancing the complexity of the colors and drawing viewers deeper into the heart of the artwork.



Vision, as a collection, serves as a manifestation of the artist's contemplation on the concept of emptiness. Through the absence of color and the stark contrast of black and white, each painting becomes a canvas for exploring the complexities of existence. The circular motifs, rendered with deliberate abstraction, evoke a sense of movement and rhythm, inviting viewers to traverse the vast expanse of the unknown.

Picture Void


Employing acrylic ink and liquid glass as their chosen mediums, the artist employs a delicate balance of light and shadow to convey the essence of void. With each brushstroke, they navigate the interplay of matte and gloss, creating a visual symphony that captivates the senses. The use of liquid glass adds a luminous quality to the artwork, imbuing it with an otherworldly allure that draws viewers into its mysterious depths.